Superior Innovation Corporation has been offering technology based products and services since 2007. From IT Management and Support, to Innovative products that remind us that we’re living in an entirely new world.

  • Entirely cloud based – We sell and manage cloud services of all types.

  • Any number of devices – We offer remote management and support for all your Microsoft Windows Devices.

  • Help Desk Services – Available to Business and Residential customers.

  • Disaster recovery – On-Site and Off-Site Backup Solutions

  • Internet Access – ISP services offering business connectivity through all major carriers.

  • Web Development and Marketing. – When it’s time to get your name online, we’ve got the Marketing expertise to help you develop the perfect internet presents.


Technology users today have the challenge of taking advantage of the most recent innovative products and services and also staying safely out of harm’s way. Often companies are sold one product after another without the proper instruction as to how to best implement and take advantage of the features included. These products are also often leave users open to threats. There are often huge benefits in not implementing technologies that will complicate things and or leave you open to unknown threats would be your Internet connectivity.